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ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) are a passionate team that is dedicated to improving your company’s operations and making the best it can be for your team. We have experience from a broad range of companies, from start-ups to multinationals and more. We believe that this range of experience makes us stronger as a team and helps us to create a solution that fits the many different organizations that we are lucky enough to count as our customers.

Dallas TX-ISO 9001 Dallas TX-ISO PROS #22

ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) works to satisfy our clients. It is actually so simple. That’s why you’re as likely to speak to our CEO or Technical Director if you contact us, as you try and communicate with our Support or Sales staff. We know that by working together we can create something truly incredible.

Customer interaction and suggestions shape the foundation of all that we do. In talking to our customers, we find that what they want is a reliable quality management system — one that can help them meet stringent quality, security, and compliance requirements while also providing you with easy, intuitive user experience.

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Certification will provide organizations with a management system structure to improve workers’ safety and well-being, reduce the risks to the workforce, and implement healthier, safer conditions of work.

The benefit of obtaining the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety certification with a firm such as ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) is that you would be working with an accredited authorizing agency whose identification is readily recognized by many agencies, consumers and suppliers across the globe, supplying you with a business passport you can trade with.

ISO 45001 benefits

Any company, large or small, in any industry may benefit from the ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety. This degree of certification is a tool for enhancing best practices on a continuous management system. The standard lays out important operational criteria for handling workplace health and safety, which serves as a guide to further enhance overall health and safety efficiency. It facilitates greater emphasis on internal and external stakeholders through the introduction of a risk-based approach to enterprise-wide health and safety management.

Annex SL is built into the ISO 45001 model which has been established to provide a consistent high-level structure, the same key text, with similar vocabulary and definitions for all management systems. It has been designed to improve issues for organizations that have to adopt more than one management process standard. If you are starting your path towards certification or move from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001, please contact our experts and we will direct you through the phase on migrating.

ISO 9001

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is a great means of proving that you are operating a high-quality, customer-focused business. However, the conventional ISO accreditation process can be costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, and many business owners find they just don’t have the money to do it.

But ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) is here to help! If you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to get the ISO 9001 certification for your product, your search will end with us. Our standardized accredited certification process enables you to apply for and receive ISO certification electronically with less need for site visits or long sessions of consultation. We may sell any variation of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certificates.

There are several legitimate explanations for us to have ISO certifications. Here are the main advantages:

Get accepted online and face-to-face

Our program helps you to get licensed quicker and a lot of the process is done electronically, removing the need for many face-to-face appointments and site tours.

Reduce costs

The electronic inspection will save you money in a number of ways, especially by eliminating the need for the facility to be physically checked by a third-party inspector.

Professional Resources

Not only do we have specialist auditors but we also have expert consultants at the side to support you develop the ISO-compliant management system.

IAFDC Approval

Any credential carrying the IAFDC emblem can be authenticated using the new countermark authentication technology via their multilateral recognition program around the world.

Saving the Planet

Sustainability is a key objective of many modern businesses. Completing the automated phase of ISO 9001 registration means auditors do not have to go to the grounds in person as many times, minimizing CO2 emissions. We’re an environmentally friendly option!

ISO 14001

Tackling the climate of the corporate sector is moving the strategic agenda even more than before. More and more corporations are placing requests on organizations when it comes to economic and consumer regulations. But how do you make sure, as an organization, that you set the right goals and set the right policy for that? ISO 14001 certification is a valuable tool to ensure sufficient attention is paid to the workplace by the organization.

ISO 14001 is a global standard for climate protection. The model outlines how to manage environmental threats in a process-oriented way which lets you meet environmental and economic goals.

The main basis for this is the implementation of an environmental management system in which you define the mission and priorities, taking into consideration the legal requirements and information on related environmental concerns, among other things. If you set up the program in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard and get the service certified by an impartial body, you demonstrate in a clear and straightforward way that you are taking the environment seriously, and its impact on it.

Certification to ISO 14001

We will like to carry out the audits required to secure you an ISO 14001 certificate. Since each organization is different, we would be pleased to discuss your position of where, to begin with you, without obligation, and acknowledge any steps that still need to be taken to be ready for certification. Our team will then write a custom-made proposal document for you. The expense of ISO 14001 certification relies on different factors, such as the size and complexity of the organization.

ISO 13485

ISO 13485:2016 is used by the organizations participating with one or more life-cycle processes of a medical device. The core aim of the ISO 13485:2016 specification is to ensure the organization follows the specifications of the industry-specific quality control framework for medical devices.

Quality management program certification is a guarantee by an independent, qualified, and accredited entity that the company adheres to the specifications of the quality management framework that is globally recognized. Recognition by an external organization creates confidence and can boost revenue.

Designed to assist you in the following ways:

  • Complies with consumer demands and relevant legal standards
  • Performance and safety
  • Determine and minimize risks
  • Enhance support
  • Fostering international trade

What is the certification process?

The certification process has two stages:

  • Phase 1 includes a strategic tour to determine the success, system results, infrastructure, etc. of the enterprise. This measures the complexity of the quality management system.
  • Phase 2 is the enforcement check which helps ensure that the software documentation meets the minimum requirements of ISO 13485. The certification review will provide the organization with information on things that do not conform with the standard and needs to be resolved before a certificate is issued.

The certificate will be valid for three years after it’s issued. Annual performance evaluations need to be performed during this period.


This is an age of enormous transformation because the Aerospace industry is still providing unacceptably very high defects as well as consistently poor performance quality. Aerospace Management Frameworks are evolving at the same time to follow the new requirements of the AS9100 guidance integrating risk reduction strategies for companies and AS9145 implementing the Aerospace Product Realization Cycle merging Advanced Product Quality Preparation (APQP) and Production Part Acceptance.

AS9145 and other series’ are expected to provide a huge business influence and considerable savings for both suppliers and customers when fully introduced.

ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) supports first-time companies adopting AS9100D, AS9110, AS9115, or AS9120 and AS9145 as well as those incorporating to ISO 9001 or newer variants of the AS9100 series. We do not only provide a broad variety of auditing allowing you to actually know the standard to apply and/or reporting the regulation right through to understanding how we prepare the internal and/or lead auditors, but our specialists will even travel to the site(s) and assist with compliance. Our auditors have a deep knowledge of what is required for not only AS9100 auditing but also Aerospace auditing activities according to AS9101 criteria.

IATF 16949

IATF is a group of automotive manufacturers formed to deliver high-quality products to vehicle consumers worldwide. IATF 16949:2016 explains the QMS parameters which are dependent on for manufacturing a vehicle. Suppliers must be involved in the manufacturing of materials, replacement parts, and/or accessory goods produced for automobiles to qualify for accreditation with IATF 16949:2016. The creation of after-market parts does not count for certification.

IATF 16949: 2016 aims to lower risk across the whole automotive supply chain. According to IATF 16949, the QMS will concentrate on consistency improvement, focusing on error prevention and variation & waste removal. ISO 9001:2015 is used as the foundation for the latest IATF 16949 version, with different requirements specific to the general automotive industry. Throughout the automobile market, IATF 16949 certification shows that you are a competent supplier for the automotive industry.

The licensing authority (CB, also known as the registrar) must issue the company a 3-year certificate as you obtain IATF certification. The Registrar will perform regular audits to ensure that you are in accordance with the regulations.


  • Ensures the standard of the operation or goods with a focus on avoidance of defects.
  • Effective contact with the customer increase loyalty.
  • Feedback from consumers is crucial to your success.
  • Continuous development of a system where you will work on enhancing the systems and products.
  • Your workers would benefit from the exchange of information, improved training, more productive work & health. This would also allow them to come forward with suggestions on CI.


When the Department of Defense ( DoD) revealed that it was developing a system for evaluating and certifying cybersecurity policies and that certifications will begin to be needed for contracts in the fall of 2020, several businesses were caught off balance. Nevertheless, many people also often lack the current CMMC standard or how they may be certified.

You need to consider the fundamentals and ensure that the company is poised and ready to rise in several years of one of the most significant modern DoD standards (one that could well be repeated by many nations’ armed forces as well as our own federal government agencies).

What it is

CMMC stands for “Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification” which is a recent necessity for DoD vendors to ensure that they and companies follow safety requirements across their supply chain. Government agencies have in the past needed a process of self-assessment to ensure that they meet expectations. The DoD aims to step away from self-assessment and into a more structured system that requires recognition by entities recognized by DoD. The upside of this strategy is that it further protects the best safety policies in the DoD ecosystem and helps secure the Secure Unclassified Information (CUI) that resides inside DoD collaborator networks.

The certification phase is focused on current standards including NIST SP 800-171, NIST SP 800-53, AIA NAS9933, inputs from the corporate sector, and feedback from academics.

CMMC comprises of five stages for assessing the “maturity” of safety activities among federal agencies. These standards vary from “Baic Cybersecurity Hygiene” to “Advanced,” thereby allowing the DoD to organize potential contracts dependent on these standards of cybersecurity. The overall effect would be that a federal contractor must be accredited to a certain point to be able to apply for a DoD contract


The Capacity Maturity Model Integration ( CMMI) ® is a validated series of global best practices that develop and benchmark main skills to improve market success.

The word “CMMI Certification” is a concept that is widely used, but is sometimes not correctly defined. The CMMI Institute neither certifies the outcomes of the evaluations nor is there a formal accreditation agency for CMMI evaluations.

Certification of evaluation outcomes includes regular follow-up during evaluations, taking legal liability for the success of assessed organizations, and recommending a shelf-life for evaluation results. Such features are needed for a system that certifies the outcomes of the assessment. CMMI only follows one of these requirements: the appraisal findings terminate over a three-year cycle.

When assessing vendors, the CMMI Institute advises clients to submit a copy of an Assessment Information Document (ADS). The ADS records the competence or skill level rating reached, and records which areas of the enterprise have been evaluated. Organizations can report their CMMI-based achievements to the CMMI Institute for publication on their Published Appraisal Results website.