Getting iatf 16949 Certified-ISO 9001 Dallas TX-ISO PROS #22

Getting IATF 16949 Certified in Dallas, Texas (TX)

IATF-16949: 2016 is a worldwide guideline applicable in the field of quality management. It is the only standard that most car OEMs have confirmed. This standard should be implemented within the automobile supply chain by any company involved in the manufacturing, processing, and assembly.

It contains relevant criteria in regard to ISO 9001, and also defines the foundation and specification of IATF-16949, as well as accordance with basic specifications of ISO 9001.The criteria themselves will, though, be compiled individually, as they were not published together as before. This is especially true now, as the IATF owns the standard 16949 itself

Who does it apply to?

This standard refers to any company engaged in the manufacturing of the vehicles, materials, accessories and parts supplied to the automotive industry. To apply for registration as an association IATF 16949:2016, producers and vendors must be engaged in the manufacture of components, repair components, and/or replacement products for the automobile industry. This does not involve After-market Parts production.

Certification benefits

  • Ensures better procedures and product consistency, including an emphasis on avoidance of defects.
  • Focuses on quality development, a method that typically calls for product and process enhancement.
  • Fosters organizational efficiencies that can reduce maintenance costs.
  • Provides impartial evidence against an established standard that is accepted internationally. Allows the company to acquire a trade license and extend its market internationally.
  • Removes various credential criteria and enables quick incorporation of other quality control programs.
  • Specifications for the procurement also require vendors approved in IATF 16949 as a requirement.
  • Certification shows conformity as a trustworthy manufacturer for attracting new customers, innovation, and global acceptance.
  • Improves overall consumer loyalty and guarantees the goods regularly satisfy client expectations for safe and efficient operation.

Promotes a clear service policy for manufacturers, subcontractors etc. in the supply chain and thereby promotes continuity, integrity and regulation.


ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) provides high-level visual aids to clarify the QMS operations, automate the procedures, and effectively monitor productivity and results. Working with clients in the US has removed hundreds of narrative procedures and substituted them with 4 to 8 main processes-with each method digitally condensed into only five pages! This leads to a more effective and simplified operating model and a user-friendly QMS framework.

The development plan of the IATF 16949 is implemented in three stages on a time scale negotiated with the customer separately. The process has measurable ‘deliverables’-with Phase-3 deliverable being third party certification!

ISO Pros operates under a fixed contract price with no exceptions-fees matching with the stages of the project. At the start, the system deliverables are assured from the beginning in writing.

ISO Pros in Dallas, Texas (TX) was created to help businesses create easy and realistic approaches for quality control. We want your company to benefit from quality. We’ve been in operation for many years, and have worked with experts who suit our philosophy: to support businesses to discover simple solutions. Our consultants are Quality, Climate, and/or Health specialists. Hundreds of effective installations, hands-on training workshops, state & national speaking obligations, as well as internal assessments, review of discrepancies, and assessments of suppliers, are all part of the project.