Getting AS9100 Certified-ISO 9001 Dallas TX-ISO PROS #22

Getting AS9100 Certified in Dallas, Texas (TX)

You will come across companies that hold all sorts of certifications and skills.AS9100 is one certification utilized by aerospace technology firms to appeal to potential and current clients. The standard is issued by the International Aerospace Quality Group, which is a specification on quality control programs for aircraft, space, and defense organization’s standards.

Where businesses continue to differentiate from aerospace electronics contract manufacturing (ECM) is how deeply they are in line with updates in AS9100. It will be a gross underestimate to claim the AS9100 certification phase is simply. Each OEM and aerospace corporation has to learn the answer to these fundamentals:

What is AS9100?

There’s no lack of certifications for manufacturing out there. The most general version is ISO 9100:2015 — AS9100 is a particular aerospace variant of this standard. This is also referred to as the ISO AS9100 designation — which is inaccurate, as the specifications are not explicitly affiliated with ISO.

Specifically, AS9100 certification indicates a supplier has implemented successful production and security programs and has met certain quality assurance and protection standards. AS9100 certification may look like a lot of jumbled letters and numbers, but it’s actually a straightforward indication that you’re doing business with a good performing ECM.

Sometimes, you will consider a letter addressed to the end of AS9100. The letters — A, B, C or D, — reflect the changes produced over the years to AS9100. The farther down you have the letter, the more new the credential is — and coveted

In 2016, the most current update, AS9100 Revision D, centered on risk assessment practices and the contractor’s oversight of procurement and foreign acquisitions. AS9100 Revision C, implemented in 2009, tackled businesses consistently supplying non-conforming items or shipping merchandise past the negotiated deadline — effectively reporting protocols as necessary but refusing to fully implement them.

When a partner is AS9100D-certified, the quality control is of the highest standards and the systems are top-notch. AS9100D certification is proof that a manufacturer of aerospace electronics will achieve the highest practicable requirements.


Benefits of getting certified with AS 9100

Many areas where AS9100 has a major influence include project management, risk management, design management, and job flow control between facilities and suppliers. Electron beam or laser welding is sometimes done as an additional special procedure, since it may be cost-prohibitive for a supplier to procure the necessary equipment and skills. Such outsourcing ensures there will be considerable cooperation between both stakeholders — client, welder, supplier of sub-components, cleaner, etc. — both during the construction of the original welding method and during the subsequent manufacturing phase.

Project management is crucial during construction because any improvement in a subcomponent’s configuration will have a cascade impact triggering project delays and cost overruns the supply chain up and down. Configuration control can dramatically impact downstream processes such as welding during manufacture. Finally, risk reduction affects all procedures, initiatives, and services by the methodical detection of possible danger areas and actions that can be implemented to reduce these risks.